Rule #10: Always Wear Pants

I just thought of a tenth rule and I think it deserves its own post.  It’s that important.

How many times do we find ourselves in a situation where wearing pants might be freeing?  Well, I say it’s not.  At least not if you’re my roommate.  No one wants to see you hanging out (that’s why you’re single…too harsh?).

Invest in a pair of shower shorts (they’re not just for college and the gym anymore).  While you’re at it, might as well get a pair of flip flops for the shower too.  I don’t know where your feet have been.

Look, I don’t care if you forgot your razor or a towel and you just needed to make a quick dash to get one.  Take your fresh clothes into the bathroom with you so you can change in the bathroom.

What you do in your room is your own time.  We all deserve privacy.  But keep your pants on (even if there’s a sock on the door?).

Now, you might be saying, does this apply to mixed gender roommates?  Of course.  Even if you’re more than friends?  Keep a little mystery in the romance.  Sheesh.  There’s no need to act like you’ve been married for 30 years.  Unless you’ve been married for 50 then it might be refreshing.

We don’t need naked time.  We need always wear pants time.  Trust me, it’ll save a lot on medical bills and keep me from going blind.

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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