Socks and Sandals: Fashion Do or Fashion Don’t?

I’m not super involved in fashion (considering my wardrobe consists of t-shirts and jeans), but there is one summer fashion I don’t understand: socks and sandals.

This recent warm weather has brought out more shorts and pasty legs (which is why I wear pants until it gets too unbearable) than I care to stare at; but it’s also brought out sandals.  Whichever kind of sandal you prefer, I have probably seen them worn with socks.   I was once told this was a European thing, well, that’s fine and explains tourists; thought I always thought Americans strictly dislike anything associated with Europe (I’m talking about you, soccer).  Why would they chose to imitate European fashion?

Perhaps the weather is not quite warm enough?  Are they too lazy to groom their toenails? Is their blood not flowing properly to their feet to keep them warm?

As you can see, I’m confused.  Let’s get something straight (that’s what she said), however, I’m okay with people who wear socks with their sandals briefly, like stepping out to get the mail or checking on your bbq…double standard?

Really, I suppose it just comes down to a question of why.  Why were socks and thong sandals?  It just looks pinched and uncomfortable.  For that matter, why wear flip-flops (maybe I’m biased because they irritate my toes)?  If sandals are a summer staple, so are bare feet.  Let’s keep the two together in a proper union and not let socks and sandals sully the match, okay?


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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1 Response to Socks and Sandals: Fashion Do or Fashion Don’t?

  1. Hahaha totally agree with you. You will never find me wearing socks with sandals. Even when I played hoops I would take my socks off after games to put my flip flops on.

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