Round is a Shape

What excellent weather we’re having.  So sunny and warm.  It reminds me of something.  …Ah yes! Swimsuit season.  And we all now what that brings: self-loathing…er…I mean diet and exercise.

Luckily, it’s still Lent, so my fasting on Fridays will help me slim down so I can fit into my board shorts.  Unfortunately, I’m very lazy (so probably won’t exercise).  I’m certain my commitment to getting into shape will only last a few weeks, much like my New Year’s resolutions (what were they again?).

But that shouldn’t keep you from getting into shape.  Just pick one that suits your body image.  Or you could just wear a t-shirt to the beach.  I wear one because I burn easily (it’s not at all because I’m a dork).

So, just because swimsuit season is just around the corner, that’s no reason to panic.  After all, according to Google’s widgit, today is the first day of spring.  We have plenty of time…unless the weather remains as good as it’s been recently (so, you’re hoping for cold, rainy days?).

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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