Driving in the Dark

Over the past few day/weeks/months, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon.  People driving around at night with their headlights off.  Why?

Are their lights burnt out?  If so, wouldn’t you notice and replace them?  It’s not like they’re your taillights and you never use them/see them.

Are they attempting to replicate the wearing sunglasses at night with their car?  I hope not.  The world needs less of those people (seriously, even I’ve stopped doing it).

Fortunately, the other day, I saw someone with their headlights turned off drive past a cop and had the privilege (read: enjoyment) of watching the cop flip on his flashers and pull the guy over.  Justice was served.

But, why distract cops from the real crimes?  Instead, just turn your lights on.  It’s not hard (even I can do it).  If you have trouble finding your switch, try reading the owner’s manual (helps if you know how to turn on the interior lights…or just read it during the day).  Or, if all else fails, buy a car with idiot lights (you know, the kind that sense when it’s dark out and automatically turn on).  That way, we’re all safe, not just you, Johnny Cool-Kid.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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