We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog: Mass Effect 3 Edition

So, as many of us know, today is the release day for Mass Effecr 3.  And, I’m sure many in the (nerd) world have taken the day (or the week) off to enjoy the finale of Commander Shepard’s trilogy.  Whether you play male Shepard or the ever popular femShep, today is an exciting day for you.  Today marks the day when we bring the fight to them (i.e. the big bad Reapers)…after they brought the fight to us.

Like many crazed consumers, I went the pre-order route.  Yes, I could have done in-store pick-up, but I find the less interaction with people, the better.  Especially when I think about being surrounded by a crowd wearing N7 hoodies who have omniblades on their left arms.  Maybe if I went to a Comic-Con, I’d feel more comfortable with this sort of crowd.  So, now, I sit and type this while I anxiously await the arrival of my precious game.

This is where working at a toy store has its perks (and goodness knows there aren’t many).  Since we also sell video games, I was able to take a look at Mass Effect 3’s cover design, previously shown on developer Bioware’s website (classy move EA and Bioware, thank you) and it looks just as cool in person as it does in the video…probably cooler (due to my excitedly shaking hands, however, I was able to read it about as well as I could in the video).  I also had a chance to check out the gamer guide.

The walkthrough companion is huge, literally an inch thick.  And since its arrival, I have been fighting off the temptation to sit down and read it cover to cover (during slow hours only, of course).  But, I did take a sneak peek at a few things (most notably, the weapon mods).  Don’t worry, I won’t reveal any spoilers.

But, there are a few pros and cons of getting the game and the guide early.

Pro: I get an early look at the material
Con: I get an early look at the material

Pro: I have a chance to learn about the Mass Effect 3 story-line
Con: I have a chance to learn about the Mass Effect 3 story-line

The worst, however, is that I am able to see the game, but not take it home.  I’ve been excited for the game to arrive at my door since Thursday (at least), so having it sit at work for almost as long has been quite a tease.

But, now that the day is here, I’ll see you all in 40+ hours (once I’ve beaten a complete playthrough).  Good luck, fellow Shepards (er, Shepard imitators) in your quest to save the galaxy.  I’ll see you in the war.


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