If We All Do It, Is It Still Stealng?

What’s with gas prices?  I bought gas a week ago at $3.65 (which is too high) and then, only a few days later, it was $3.95.  It’s like the oil companies thought they could jump up $.30 for Leap Day.  “We’ll get them.  No one was expecting that extra day.  Everyone will have to buy gas, now.”  Really?  It’s not like Leap Day creates an eight day week…or we get an extra long weekend.

Sometimes I wonder if a better foreign policy would help gas prices.

Pretty soon, I think gas is going to start to be like the free samples section in the grocery store (um, the place where you bag your own snacks?).  Everyone knows it’s okay to graze, just don’t fill up.  What if we took just enough gas to get by?  I mean, something’s got to give.  One gallon of gas costs more than my paycheck (really?).  Okay, honestly it’s more more than I make per hour (seriously?).  I mean, two gallons equals what I make every hour.  Hey, I work at a toy store.

Does any think we’ll see a return to the gas riots of the 80’s?  (Nope, those began because of gas shortage.)

I think we need to consider alternate fuels.  And not just electricity, which is not being done properly.  How can each recharging station have a different plug type and different amperage?  It’s lunacy.

What we need to do is think outside the box.  Discard the whole system and start fresh.  I’m talking about magnets, people.  If we replace our roads with negatively charged natural magnets and build retaining walls of the same material, all we’d need to build cars with negatively charged plates along the bottom and sides.  We could propel ourselves along with propellers or engines that suck in air at the front and expel it out the back (jet engines?).  It could work.

Pro: Less accidents
Con: Longer commute to work

Pro: Less wear and tear on the roads and your car
Con: Less jobs for road workers and repair/maintenance shops

Pro: Better fuel economy (you hope)
Con: It would take a long time to put into place

Pro: Hover cars!

You never know.  It’s just an idea.  But, maybe we don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater.  We could still use internal combustion engines and gas to power the vehicles, i.e. Magnacraft; we’d just use a different system to accelerate and brake instead of friction with the ground.

This has given me a new idea for a sci-fi book.  I’ll let you know when the manuscript is finished and I have a publisher/agent (so, ten years?).  Loosely, let’s place it in the distant future where humankind is displaced by an alien race after WWIII and this alien race uses Magnacraft to travel around their planet instead of cars.  Done.  I like it.

I think I’ll get started on it right now…after I take a quick nap…er, and go to work…and have a snack…maybe I’ll start tomorrow (but, Mass Effect 3 releases tomorrow [crap!]).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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