Word Smith: The Next Reality Series

There are all these contests reality show on TV, like Face Off, Ink Master, The Voice, American Idol, and The Biggest Loser.  America apparently loves watching everyday people compete against each other for big prizes.  Or maybe every American wants to compete against each other for big prizes.  But with so many shows and professions on TV, I have to wonder, where’s the reality show for writers?

Maybe because the shows are all scripted, the writers of the shows don’t want to write scripts involving writers; but, I say, get all the writers from the different shows together and let them argue duel to determine who has the best show is the best writer.

Otherwise, we could see writers of all experiences come onto the show and attempt to wow the judges.  That might be cool.  Minus, there’s not a lot of action while writing.  “Today’s challenge: You have six hours to craft a short story on the topic of WWII.  Begin!”  The montage of shots would go something like this: chewing on a pencil, rapidly typing, pacing, massaging cramping hands, and running hands through hair.  The backroom monologues would be equally awesome: “I can’t believe we were only given six hours for such a broad topic.”  “I wish I could type more than seven words a minute.”  “I have no idea what WWII stands for.”  (There’s always that one–at least in the beginning, until they’re eliminated–who has no idea what’s going on, why is that?)  “This challenge is easy, I’ll just write about my grandfather who fought in the war/grandmother who worked in a tank factory during the war/etc.”  (Of course, problems and drama arise when one contestant doesn’t realize Twitter wasn’t the best place to learn/practice grammar.)

I think it could be really riveting.  Of course, only writers would watch the show…and probably not all of them.  But, if everyone who has a blog considers themselves writers, that’s quite a large demographic.  Contestants would be judged on their grammar, vocabulary, spelling (without use of spell check), composition, and overall story/theme.

And sure, there are countless writing contests, but this could be the big one.  This could lead to the next J.K. Rowling being discovered.  Literary Agents and Publishers are constantly complaining that it is getting harder to read all the submissions and separate the good from the slush.  This could be a way to do just that.  It would also be great for writers as this would help them on their way to greatness.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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2 Responses to Word Smith: The Next Reality Series

  1. That’s a brilliant idea. I mean, as one ‘writer’ to another…

  2. threehugger says:

    What they save on costumes they would more than spend on munchies.

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