My Best Idea Yet

OK, so this year is still relatively young (considering I’m taking March off to play Mass Effect 3, I think I’m in the clear) but, I think this is an awesome idea.  It came to me last night.

You see, there’s this big empty, white wall in our foyer that my brother always complains about, so, occasionally, I offer suggestions, like crossed swords, lightsabers, or posters.  He   hasn’t like an idea yet.

But, while watching Jurassic Park last night (Have you seen it?  If you haven’t you really should.  It’s out on Blu-ray now which raises its awesomeness factor by a level of “it’s got dinosaurs in it, why haven’t you seen it yet?”.) I thought it would be cool to own the animotronic animatronic automated robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex.  I could keep it in my backyard and bring it out every Halloween.  But, that’s not my awesome idea (though it is pretty sweet!).

My brother wasn’t sure how much of the Tyrannosaur was actually built, but he was fairly sure there was at least the head.  So, I thought, why not get the head and mount it on the wall?  It could be our hunting, er, “hunting” trophy.  “I bagged a T-Rex, what have you done?”  How epic would that be?

And the best part?  My brother actually like the idea.  OK, the best part is really that we’d have a T-Rex head in our foyer.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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