The Search for the Elusive Hermit Blogger

Today we’re scouring the wilds for the most secretive of creatures, the rare, hermit blogger.  Reclusive, this elusive writer spends his/her day holed away somewhere quiet while furiously typing away at their computer.

The hermit blogger prefers to write in solitude.  But we can see the writer’s talents in proud displays all across the wilds.  Much like a spider’s web, the words are meant to entice and ensnare without you …er…seeing them?  (Maybe webs were a bad choice.)  The words are like a leopard’s spots, beautiful and hiding a deadly grace; they conceal the leopard… hmm… being a nature detective is hard.  I guess this means, I shouldn’t have quit my day job.

Let’s just continue on, okay?  If we’re stealthy, we may just be able to sneak up on one.  But be careful, hermit bloggers startle easy.  Wait! I think I hear the faint tapping of a keyboard…

I’ll admit, I’m not the most outgoing of bloggers.  I don’t often seek out other blogs.  Probably because I get so caught up in how good mine is my own.  Or maybe I just like to think that I’ll win people over with my wit and charm (not likely).  I think the blogsphere is more like Facebook than I realized.  Minus the games.  (Oh man, if there were games, I’d never get any posts published.)

This may seem like the final frontier, but I’m just content to pretend I read other blogs (oops) and write what makes me laugh…er…I mean what makes you laugh, yeah…

The creature speaks!  Who knew it was so verbose?  So talkative?  So friendly?  Quick, get the camera.  Snap a few photos.  No one is going to believe this.

And the habitat.  Just look at it.  Clean towels lying disheveled on a chair waiting to be folded.  Dirty cups lining the table on coasters.  Magazines and books stacked waist high.  All ignored by the hermit blogger as he stares fixedly at his monitor.  His fingers flash as he types three words a minute in his hunt-and-peck style.

Things are looking up for this creature, however.  I don’t think their in any danger of extinction, but, just to be safe, let’s tag this specimen and track his movements.  If we’re very lucky, we might even witness him leave his habitat and seek out others of his kind.  Or lead us to the more well-known, gregarious blogger.  No one has ever seen the two species interact before in the wild.  This could be the find of the century (unless the hermit blogger remains a recluse).

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to The Search for the Elusive Hermit Blogger

  1. Jared says:

    I enjoy WordPress more than social networking sites. Here, people are more likely to be themselves, free of all the fakery of Facebook, seeing as how most people turn to blog sites to get their more genuine parts out in the open without fear of ridicule from their “friends”.

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