The Republican Approach: Offer as Many Candidates as We Can and See Who Sticks

With America increasingly discontent with our political system and government leaders, the stage seems set for change.  Some will claim we stand on a precipice.

Yet, there hardly seems any change thus far in the political machine.  The machinations of both parties remain focused on smear tactics rather than determining what the people want (that’s politics).

When it seems like the Democrats are throwing the Republicans a meatball, the Republicans can’t seem to get their act together.  Winning the election might seem like a slam dunk for the Republicans, if they would just take the opportunity.  From the field of candidates, none of whom seemed a serious threat, we are left with three.  I’m betting Santorum gets the nod.

Clearly Newt Gingrich was never a serious candidate.  For a party leaning heavily on marital values, he’s clearly out of the loop.

Mitt Romney, however, might be a good candidate, except that he’s Mormon Sarah Palin is against him.

I wonder if this seeming lack of a strong candidate is a ploy to lure the Democrats into a sense of false hope.  Will the Republicans then spring their candidate out of the blue (we’ve never seen that before)?  Or do they have some other scheme?

Perhaps the Republicans are waiting for a candidate to emerge, but know it will not be until the next election.  Perhaps they are tossing a candidate to the wolves this term in hopes of bringing a stronger candidate after Obama is done (let Obama deal with Armageddon).  Maybe their true candidate needs a few more years of experience at the governor level (to gain experience in foreign affairs) or within Congress (to build up enough wealth to run for president) before taking a run at the big chair.

Some may argue that we’ve seen that ploy before with John F. Kennedy.  A seemingly weak candidate against an incumbent…er…familiar face.  Yet, he won.
Conspiracy theory interjection: that that was the reason Lee Harvey Oswald was hired by the Democrats–so they could let their true candidate have a run at the presidency the next election–and why Jack Ruby killed Oswald before he could go to trial.

Let’s be honest, I’ll vote for whoever is willing to treat Congress like people and hold them accountable to the same laws as the rest of us (insider trading, anyone?)…or whoever Jon Stewart tells me to vote for (after all, isn’t that what Gen Y is supposed to do?).


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One Response to The Republican Approach: Offer as Many Candidates as We Can and See Who Sticks

  1. Jared says:

    Yeah, they (R) messed up big time, it seems so far. Santorum was about to bail out (thought he did), now he’s more popular than ever. Romney’s a joke, Gingrich is all talk. In my opinion, the only man who will hold Congress and anybody else, including himself, is Ron Paul. I think he’ll actually follow through with what he says. That’s why he has my vote. But there isn’t a candidate that I see whom I believe can beat Obama. Sad. Unless they’re waiting to spring Mitch Daniels on us, I don’t see any Republican nominee taking the White House. Great article.

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