Minor Characters with Major Fan Followings

Okay, so this may get my nerd card revoked, but what’s up with Darth Maul and Boba Fett?  Have two characters done less to achieve such large followings?  They’ve both practically got cult status.

Sure, Boba Fett was the bounty hunter who (spoiler alert) captures Han Solo.  But perhaps he had an edge.  He worked for Jabba the Hutt, just like Han.  And,  if he had done his homework, like a proper bounty hunter…or rather, unlike a proper bounty hunter?…he would have known Han was an ex-Imperial officer and knew Imperial protocol.  So, one might argue that Boba Fett was trying something unorthodox knowing that it might pan out.  Or, knowing that Han preferred the unorthodox.  And once, Han gets free, (spoiler alert) Boba Fett is knocked into the sarlacc pit by the blind Han Solo.  Sorry fans, your hero was killed by a blind guy.  Not very impressive.  (Let’s not even mention his voice change because that will start a rant on the horrors of the changes George Lucas did to the originals in hopes of “making them better”.)

Let’s move on to Darth Maul.  Sure, he was red, with sweet looking black tattoos covering his face and presumable body.  And was portrayed by Ray Park.  But he has relatively few lines.  Sure, he is probably the best fighter in all the movies, I-VI, but does that mean his following should be off the charts?  Granted he does look cool and is one of the main reasons anyone knows what a Zabrak is or that double-bladed lightsabers are possible (no, you can’t dual wield them).  But, regardless of his incredible skills (and he does kill one of the best Jedi Masters in the Star Wars Saga, Qui-Gon Jinn (played by Liam Neeson), who, incidently, makes Episode I watchable tolerable bearable not excruciatingly terrible) he was (spoiler alert) cut in half by a Padawan.  Sorry fans, your hero was killed by a student.

Of course, there’s always the argument that they both return in the expanded universe.  But, I offer a counterargument, that the writers who brought them back were themselves enamored with the legend of these characters.

Which minor characters reaching cult status really grind your gears?


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