Countdown to Armageddon Day 321

Journal Entry #32

I think it’s beginning.  There seem to be more earthquakes recently.  Not sure what that means.  But in the last six months, my bed’s been rocked more times than I can previously remember.  Either my house is shifting or the world is beginning its birth pains to send us into the next plane of existence.

I’m excited, though.  I mean, even if this life is pretty good, the next has to be better, right?  Surely there’ll be less war, fighting, and taxes.  At least, I hope so.

As I sit here woken up by another little earth shake, I wonder if these small quakes are tectonic.  Yet, even if they are techtological in nature, they may not be the beginning of the end.  However, I remain cautiously optimistic.

They could be related to global warming and technology.  Did you know that an 18 foot crack was recently located in the Antarctic glacier?  I wonder if this has anything to do with the miny shakes I’ve been experiencing lately.

Though, I suppose, my brother might be correct.  I may just be cold and need another blanket.  But I don’t it.  The end is near, my friends; prepare yourselves.

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