Dating At Work Doesn’t Work

I know a lot of advice columnists and dating specialists say that dating at work should be off-limits.  And I definitely agree.

It’s not that I’m not good-looking.; I was recently compared to Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover (though that was probably due to the baby I was carrying).  Basically, I’m attractive enough to be a movie star.

It’s just that there’s hardly any single women who come into my store (toy store, remember?).  They’re usually moms who are dragging their kids in for a quick gift for a party they are on the way to and will soon be late for or moms looking for a gift for their kids.  Not a wide pool.  Of course, there is the occasional mom-to-be; but you’ve got to assume she has a significant other, right?

So, what is a fellow to do?  If my usual paths don’t allow me to cross with anyone appropriate?  Sure, I could try and hit on a single mom or wonder if the guy she’s with is a serious commitment; but marriage has enough problems why add me to the list?

I mean, the only single people who come to my place of work are collectors and some of my fellow employees.  But since most of the collectors are dudes (and I’m not really into guys with toys in their houses…toys that aren’t mine…er…let’s move on), older dudes, too, I’m not inclined to want to talk to them.  Besides, most of our conversations revolve around the latest Hot Wheels shipment, how the shelves are disorganized, or when the next shipment of G.I. Joe figures will arrive.  Not exactly a sparkling recommendation.  (But, hey, if that sounds good to you, I know some great collectors.)

I guess, I’ll just have to get out of my comfort zone and seek other places to find and meet women.  Do you think there’s a way I could do it from home?  Maybe I’ll check Craig’s List or Ebay.  Of course, if dating at work doesn’t work, I’m now wondering where bartenders go when “on the prowl”.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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