Why Gas Will Never Be Under $3.00 Again (A Conspiracy Theorists’ Perspective)

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who gets disgruntled when gas prices rise.  I’d like to see them fall under $2 (fat chance); but realistically, I’d like them to maintain a $3.15-$3.20 range.  After all, we are getting less oil from across the sea and more domestically.  Shouldn’t that have an impact on gas prices?

At least it’s creating more jobs (or so the government says).  How can we be certain, though?  We aren’t increasing our total oil reserves, just changing where they are imported from.  So, perhaps, we are creating more truck driver jobs?  (But aren’t they replacing ship captain jobs?  And how many truck drives does it take to replace the crew of a ship?  Think about that.)

Clearly, however, the oil companies are making a greater profit if the oil is brought from a closer destination.  Why doesn’t that translate into a decrease at the pump?

If only alternate fuels were a viable option.  Unfortunately, automakers don’t even have a standardized plug for their electric vehicles (it’s like they want them to fail).  Obviously the car companies are tied in with the oil barons.  They are dividing up the country between themselves by buying lobbyists (with the surplus money saved by using domestic oil) to promote their own ends.

I mean, yes, miles per gallon has gone up in most vehicles due to increases demand for it; but don’t be fooled.  Car companies are just serving the masses what they want, slowly.  If they wanted, they could increase fuel efficiency beyond 40 mpg, but that would decrease the revenue of oil companies.

The only way to make a dent in the corporate oil machine is to limit your use of gas.  Or, work on alternate forms of fuel.  What do we have in excess?  French fry oil.  I know corn oil based fuels have been looked to as viable.  Start converting people or be left at the mercies of the tycoons and barons.


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One Response to Why Gas Will Never Be Under $3.00 Again (A Conspiracy Theorists’ Perspective)

  1. mooselicker says:

    This post could have just had a dollar sign and that would have summed everything up. It’s true though, the all mighty dollar makes the world run. I’d be weary about an alternate source of fuel. Anyone who invents those end up dead.

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