Supermarket Scavenger Hunt

Ever get bored?  Why not spend more time at the store?  We’re all there way too often and way longer than intended (sometimes through no fault of our own…indecisive…moving on). So, when you’re waiting for someone to determine if they need anything else or just have a few hours to kill while waiting for your ride, here’s a fun way to pass the time.

1. Meat, not in the meat section (Hint: look in the furnace filter aisle).
2. A photo of a man awkwardly walking past the ladies’ clothing aisles trying not to stare at the women’s underwear displays (must be a candid, not staged).
3. An empty video game or DVD case (previously empty; come on, people, don’t steal for the point.  Play fair.).
4. A photo with the greeter.
5. A photo with a disgruntled employee.
6. A photo with the manager (good luck finding him/her).
7. A toy item individually priced.
8. A photo of a child throwing a tantrum (be sneaky, frazzled parents are crazy; also, parents are super protective).
9. A photo of a fellow scavenger/hunter stalking a photo op (you cannot both be attempting this one).
10. A photo of your group using the poor man’s edit (your finger) to crop out the name of the store…to avoid legal repercussions when posting photos online.
11. The scented candle that you think smells the best (hint: good photo op for #9).
12. An inspirational sign or poster.
13. An abandoned shopping cart.
14. A shopping cart rolling across the parking lot on its own (driven by the wind).
15. A magazine rack with an empty space.

Good luck!  Enjoy!  And don’t forget your camera.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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