Top 10 Things You Never Want to See at a Toy Store (But Probably Have)

I’m going to forgo any mention of litter, since it’s obligatory for anyone who brings in coffee, soda, juice, smoothies, etc. to leave the containers, in various states of empty, around the store.  It’s actually like a scavenger-hunt, a soul-sucking, life-demeaning, suffocating scavenger-hunt.  But, it gives us something to do during January slow days; so that’s nice. (Hint: Check behind the WWE wrestling ring box.) Neither will I mention the kids who ride the bikes and scooters outside of the wheels department nor the people who play with the PowerWheels and leave the radio playing for the empty aisle.

10. Star Wars Slave Leia, “Revenge of the Jedi” edition opened on the shelf (it’s a collectible!).

9. An adult playing with the children at the train table…and he/she is unrelated to any of them.

8. Parent yelling at their children in a foreign language (to hide the swearing).  I’m jealous.

7. The B.I.G. Power Hand display locked into a rude gesture.

6. Kids pounding on the glass of the Stinky the Garbage Truck display because he’s not doing anything (he’s not a fish, geez!).

Side note: Let me break in here to ask, why when perusing my store’s website for the official names of these products, am I recommended to look at hands-free breast pump bras?

5. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle #4842 scattered across the shelf and the floor.

4. A LEGO Trundle Storage Unit on the shelf without a box.

3. Kids shoplifting Yugi-Oh! cards.  (Seriously? Yugi-Oh!, at least I could understand if it was Pokemon.)

2. Justin Bieber Concert Style Special Edition Singing doll -“Love Me”- with its pants at its ankles and still in the box.

Side note: Also, why is it that the children’s couches and chairs are always on the floor?  I mean, sure, I need to fold out four of the futons in order to properly fit for a nap, but I always put them back on the shelf (sometimes neatly).

1. Poop on the floor.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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2 Responses to Top 10 Things You Never Want to See at a Toy Store (But Probably Have)

  1. bkreuch says:

    I was going to say “bodily fluids” but poop sounded funnier…

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