Words Are Fun

 I find it interesting that during a spelling bee, one can ask for the word in a sentence.  As I like to use as many big words as I can in order to expand my vocabulary and sound smarter, I think I should practice.  You know, in case I’m ever asked to judge a spelling bee.

Whenever I don’t know a word, I always try to figure out the definition on my own.  Hopefully, I’ll get close to their meaning.  I mean, if I’m going to be reading the definitions to countless children hoping to win the national spelling bee, I’m going to need to know the meaning of a lot of words, right?  Especially big ones.  Those are the ones that stump the contestants and show who will truly dominate the international world of competitive spelling.


Consternation: A sovereign country for convicts, e.i. Australia

Prosecute: Someone who sells sexual favors for money

Ventilate: When a coffee order arrives cold from Starbucks

Ductile: The stone ducks use to floor their bathrooms

Candidate: Over the course of a meal where two people share their innermost feelings

Percolate: When a prisoner arrives tardy during a transfer

Algebra: What math wears after she’s going through puberty…in preparation for Algebra 2

Mongoose: The unlikely, mythical combination of a man and a goose

Pacifism: The belief that all beings once came from the ocean and will return to it

Bratwurst: The most horrible, spoiled child in existence (or the room) when compared to all others

Kohlrabi: The department store that deals exclusively with clothing for Jewish ministers

Sauerbraten: When your sausages go bad

Catkin: Any creature related to the feline species

Muddle: A patch of mud that is more water than clay

Behoove: To nail shoes onto a horse

Wikiwiki: A Wikia–online encyclopedia–for Wikipedia

Persimmon: Someone who views the glass as half empty

Ramen: The group of male students who lead their peers in cheers

Tycoon: A necktie made entire of raccoon fur

Orthodox: Special shoes to help improve your gait and balance or relieve pressure and pain in the foot.

Vigilant: The ant who stays up all night and waits for the queen to lay her eggs

Knowledge: The precipice between the known and the unknown


Pretentiousness: In order to work out my pretentiousness, I stretch before running in the morning.

Foolhardy: Stop acting like a fool, Hardy.

Mohair: Since I’m going bald, I wish I had mo’ hair.

Carmine: He dove into the mountain of crushed vehicles to explore the junkyard’s carmine for spare parts.

Gunnysack: Before I go hunting, I put my rifles into a gunnysack.

Doctrinaire: In order for the cult to brainwash its members, it pumped doctrinaire into the ventilation system.

Vulcanize: Dr. McCoy rarely had trouble meeting Spock’s Vulcanize.

Kohlrabi: I think the synagogue down the street has a cool rabbi.

Stollen: I was very upset when I discovered my hard work was stollen.

Sparerib: As I was punched in the side, I wished for a spare rib to break my opponent’s hand.

Handsome: Handsome more M&M’s to me, please.

Waywiser: To travel down the narrow path would be waywiser.

Howitzer: How Itzer ever outsmarted me, I’ll never know.

Hassock: When he awoke after their bender, his vision was still blurry and he wasn’t sure it that was hassock or her sock.

Geta: Get a blanket, if you’re cold.

Parapet: I own a dog and a cat, I have a parapets.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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