The After Holiday Mopeys or A Case for Claus

Does anyone else feel mopey after the holiday festivities are over.  You’ve seen your family–perhaps even those you only see a few times a year–and you’ve opened all your presents.  The only thing left is to lament the presents you didn’t get and return the ones you don’t like (or, less often, the ones that don’t fit).

Sure, we all get presents we weren’t expecting or didn’t ask for (because we can’t just ask for money these days).  But, there’s always that one gift that we really wanted that we didn’t get.  Whether its the complete boxed set of Smallville or that Christmas sweater we were eyeing at Macy’s, there’s always something.  It’s not always something big or expensive, but it’s always something that we were really hoping for and didn’t get.  The one thing that leads us to lament: “Santa, you blew it this year.”  And for some, that might even lead them farther down the road toward no longer believing in the big guy.

Sad, I know; but most people no longer believe in Santa Claus.  How awful is that?  I mean, where else do you think presents come from?  If the elves aren’t making them, I guess it’s up to the children of China and Indonesia to fill the gaps (sorry kiddos, no breaks this year).  And parents with tight budgets, where do they get the money for Santa’s big presents.  Because, we all know, invariably, the big guy comes through and gives us one big, unexpected present.  But if there is no Santa, then are moms and dads going to have to resort to knocking off liquor stores or hope to win the lotto?

The holiday mopeys become even bleaker without Santa Claus because then there is nothing to look forward to next year.  Without a Santa Claus, Christmas just becomes an excuse to wear nice clothes, see relatives you’ve put off seeing, and perhaps spend an hour crammed into church where the minister tries to jam a year’s worth of lecturing into one service.  Without Santa, we might as well not have Christmas.

Santa embodies the Christmas spirit.  Without him, we’re forced to celebrate the Winter Solstice without a cheery, red nosed fellow and his equally red nosed reindeer (they must have no other hobbies in the North Pole).  And without that jolly pair, we’d all sink into despair during the winter months.  After all, there’s nothing really to do except forget how to drive every time it snows and huddle near each other for warmth.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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