Countdown to Armageddon: Day 363

Journal entry #3:

So far nothing’ seemed to really have changed.  People are still shopping for the Christmas season so hoarding and rampant spending are sort of the norm.  It’s too hard to differentiate between the doomsday preparers and the holiday shoppers.  Perhaps next week will be the turning point.

Personally, I hope that the end comes when the Mayans predicted, 12/21/2012 (of course, some say the calculation may be off by 50 to 100 years).  At the rate we’re going, we seem to be on the verge of economic collapse anyway.  Though they say war is good for business. I just hope there isn’t an outbreak of zombie plague.  That new super virus scientists constructed from the bird flu seems to have potential, though.  I just hope the zombie plague isn’t packaged as something to make humanity better…we all know how that ends up.

I think I’m ready for the end.  But how does one really know?  I mean, if it truly is going to be Judgment Day, am I certain I want to be judged?  I try to be a good person, but just the other day, I cussed out a drive who cut me off.  Does that count against me (do you think Jesus would have road rage?)?

And what about all those people who convert on the last day.  Once the clouds open and Heaven descends, how many people will suddenly believe?  All the agnostics will jump off the fence and fall on their faces in worship.  The other religions will probably convert, too.  But what if the Second Coming of Christ is only a herald of other apocalyptic events?

And what happens to all the atheists who believe they will come back as trees when there are no trees left?  Or Buddhists and Hindus who believe in reincarnation when there are no animals left?

Perhaps the Apocalypse is only the end for those who believe in it and not the end of the world?  Maybe that’s how people can live in post-apocalyptic societies in movies and books.

I’m more curious, however, as to how it will happen.  Will we discover alien life and then the extra-terrestrials attack as part of a galactic-wide expansion?  Will we create artificial life and the machines rise against their fleshy overlords?  Will it be natural disaster, i.e. hurricanes, tsunamis, asteroids, or earthquakes?  Or will we just kill each other in World War III and end all life on the planet with nuclear winter?

Personally, I’m leaning towards WW3.  I think it will start with global economic collapse.  Then countries will call in their debts from other countries and when no one can pay, armies are sent in to collect.  But, only time will tell.  We’ll see what the next 363 days have to offer…though it’s probably more like 360.  You have to wait a day to let the goodwill and contentment of Christmas pass.  But watch out, that Monday will be the beginning of the end (no one likes Mondays, but the Monday right after Christmas?  Come on, if that’s not a recipe for the perfect beginning of the Apocalypse, I don’t know what is).  I mean, it can’t be a coincidence that the Mayans predicted there’d be no Christmas in 2012, can it?


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