I don’t know who first thought of the idea of roundabouts, but I’m not a fan.  That’s not to say they don’t have their place.  Downtown, in the center of main street surrounding a statue can be a scenic experience.  But in the middle of a road where people are usually going 55 mph or higher is not good planning.

Unless you want more accidents.  I’m certain no one does; but, it seems a bit ridiculous to replace a three-way traffic light system with a roundabout.  Especially when no one knows how to correctly drive in one.

I swear, I get more confused in a roundabout than a squirrel in a revolving door.  I never know when to move over or yield or attempt to get out.  Listening to my GPS doesn’t help, it just confuses me more.  “Make a slight right then turn left…recalculating…”

Sure, there are signs posted, but who really reads those?  They’re like stop signs in subdivisions (suggestions).  Besides, the world would be a much safer, if less statued, place without roundabouts.  (Did I mention I almost got hit while driving through one today because neither of us knew who was supposed to yield?)

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