The Customer is Always Right

I just had the worst customer service experience.  I was looking for a new video game for my nephew and the clerk barely acknowledged my presence.  I walked up to him and said hello and asked if he could help me find a game.  (Sure, I had to wade through a small crowd of people, but it’s the holidays; I expect that.)

He turned to me and said “Yeah”, not “Yes”.  And, he didn’t even smile!  He offered a faint shrug to another guest and handed her her games and walked after me.  Don’t I deserve the simple courtesy of a smile?  Sheesh.  No wonder he’s earning minimum wage.

“I need a PSP game,” I tell him. 

He frowned slightly and replied, “We don’t have a large selection, but I can show you what we have.”  He pointed to the last aisle, “They’re over there, last aisle on the bottom row.”

“Could you show me?” I asked.  It was the least he could do.  After all, I was spending my hard-earned money to help pay his wages.

“Sure,” he replied.  He led me over and pointed to the bottom row, “That’s all we have.”  He then turned and walked away.  Without even acknowledging my “Thank you.”

Well, I eventually found a game I thought my nephew would like and I waited in line (for an eternity!)  There were only two lanes open.  I know there were workers around, there had to be, the store is humongus.  Couldn’t they just call for some back-up?

When I finally got to the checkout counter, I smiled at the cashier and told her that I was getting this game for my nephew and that he loved playing his PSP.

“Um, sir,” she said, “This game’s for Playstation 2.”

What?  I raised my eyebrows in shock.  I had gotten it from the bottom row.  That was where the PSP games were according to the video game kid.  Had he deceived me?  Needless to say, I angrily stormed over to the electronics section and found that kid.

“Excuse me,” I said.  “But I wanted a PSP game.”  I held out the offending game.  “Will this work?”

“No,” he shook his head.  “That’s a Playstation 2 game.”  He began to walk away. 

“I still need one.”

“I’ll show you, follow me,” He said while looking over his shoulder.  He didn’t even pause.

“But I asked you to show me the PSP games.”

“I did,” he replied.  My eyebrows crept to my hairline.  There was no need for him to get snippy.  I was being perfectly civil.

“You said they were on the bottom row.”

“They are.”  He stopped in front of the PSP games and pointed to where they began, “From here,” and then pointed to where they stopped, “to here.”  Then he walked away saying, “Have a nice day.”

But I don’t think he meant it.  I doubt I’ll be going back to that store again.  Even if they have another good video game sale (buy one get one half off).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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