A Brave New World


If you haven’t heard by now, NASA is searching for new habitable planets that might harbor life.  And I think that’s great.  Where can I sign-up for the first flight?  The sooner the better.  I mean, the latest planet is thought to be a balmy 72 degrees.  Now, all I need to figure out is how to pack a wake board and speedboat onto the space shuttle…oh wait, we don’t have a space shuttle program anymore…

Well, if we construct a ship in orbit…hmm, I still need to… Wait! We can build the speedboat in space too!

Oh yes, this will be fantastic.  And with enough ships we can colonize as many planets as we discover.  And as long as I get one for myself, I’ll be happy.  Others would just mess up my planet with garbage and clutter.  They’d damage my calm and cause me stress.  After all, I’d rather be king by myself than rule over those without the decency to keep my planet clean.

On second though, maybe I’ll bring some people along.  I’ll need someone to do my laundry and cook my meals.  Someone will have to farm the land and raise the livestock.  Okay, so, now that I’ve got a list of who I might need, I just need to find the right…volunteers.  I’ll be benevolent, I’ll give them holidays off and weekends…and, er, well, there’s plenty of time to  iron out the details later.

Alright, NASA, I’m ready to be set up as king.  It’s first come first serve, right?  Just show me the dotted line.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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