Crosswalks, useless or historically important?

I’m pretty sure crosswalks are obsolete.  Does anyone use them anymore?  I know I don’t.  If I can just run across the street wherever I want, that’s much safer.  And a lot easier on me.  Besides, I am a pedestrian, vehicle traffic needs to yield to me.  I have the right-of-way, after all.

It’s my privilege to walk where I want, when I want, and how I want.  Isn’t it?

More and more often as I walk into work (a toy store), I have to stop for a car or risk getting hit.  And it’s super annoying.  Okay, really, I just pause a moment to make certain the car will stop.  But it’s still annoying.  Okay, okay, honestly, I just put my head down and walk across the parking lot.

Maybe if I get hit, I’ll change (probably not).  But so far, it’s working.

Why do people drive so quickly through parking lots that they need to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting someone in a crosswalk?  It’s not fair.  I can’t walk that fast.  I can’t damage a car.  I might as well try to grow taller.  (But I can crash into people and try to knock over their shopping carts.  Maybe I should try that.)

Crosswalks hearken (harken?) back to a time long ago when people used sidewalks instead of just walking down the street.  When gas was $3.00 a gallon and muscle cars had 5 liter engines. And people used words like hearken.

I suppose, we can’t get rid of them.  They’re part of our culture, an archaic reminder of days past.  We need to keep them around the same way we keep around national monuments like the Lincoln Memorial or Congress: to remind us of our carefree, reckless youth.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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